"Neudeutsch" is the usual expression for forein language words, idiom and proverbs that found there way into German language. A lot of these expressions are no originals but just new german words with a foreign touch. NeuDeutsch are also those people coming to Germany as refugees, fleeing from war, terrorism, dictatorship, destruction and poverty. The came without possesions, spended their last savings to pay for the journey and the smuggler that brought them across borders and over the Mediternean. We - my fellow photographer Ann Mackinnon and I - photographed them short after they found a place in germany where they have to wait for governmental decisions about their staying in Germany. They wear gifted clothes, they wait in anxiety about their beloved ones that stayed back, at the same time being releaved being save for the time. In their eyes lie all of this. Anger and hope,fear for the future, uncertainty and curiosity. The documentary project will be in exhibitied throughout Gerany and is supported by some NGO's and a German bank company.

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